STAR PERFORMERS – EP 4: ‘Pilbara Vernacular House’ KARRATHA on Vimeo

STAR PERFORMERS – EP 4: ‘Pilbara Vernacular House’ KARRATHA from Josh’s House on Vimeo.

Our Pilbara Vernacular House is featured in Josh Byrne’s “Star Performers” TV show! Alex, our rugged new TV star features heavily. Check it out!


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Green Bottle – Michael Phillips: Community-Build India

Gresley Abas invites you to a green bottle talk with Michael Phillips from Curtin University.


Presenting the design and construction process of an education/play space built over 4 days.   The project was part of  an annual International study tour to India  with Curtin University with a focus on developing heritage, educational, sanitation initiatives in the village of Lakhnu, Utter Pradesh, India.  Michael worked in collaboration with Dr Bhanuben Nanavati College Of Architecture For Woman in Pune, India


Michael will be discussing vernacular construction methods, collaborative design methods and Indian design perspectives.


Location: Gresley Abas Studio | 1/816 Hay Street | Perth CBD

Date: Friday 13 September | 5:00pm for a 5:30pm start




Next Green Bottle:

Donald Cooper, Vortexengineer: The Atmospheric Vortex Engine, Friday 23rd May, 5.30pm.


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Open House Perth 2013: Nov 2 Saturday 10am – 5pm

This weekend is Open House Perth and we’re opening our studio arms as one of seventeen design studios across the city taking part.

Destination 14 – Gresley Abas

Gresley Abas’ Ahmad Abas and Ben Price are also involved in the Augmented Reality program in collaboration with Open House Perth, Felix and Flying Saucer and other artists.

Desitnation 23 – Augmented Reality – Wesley Quater

Destination 41 – Augmented Reality – Perth Cultural Centre

See the Open House Perth website for more x

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Green Bottle Friday: Joshua Webb – The Law of Diminishing Returns. Talk starts 5.30pm at Gresley Abas, see you then :)

Matterhorn, Zermatt /4pm/ 25/10/12

Joshua Webb
Matterhorn, Zermatt /4pm/ 25/10/12
Digital print


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Designs for Mandurah Eastern Foreshore Released

Phil Gresley and Ben Price have been working closely with the City of Mandurah for some time now creating a designed vision for the  Eastern Foreshore along the main strip in Mandurah.

Today, the City released a video for public comment. Although we didn’t produce the video, our designs and modelling are used extensively. Check it out below.


We are looking forward to progressing the scheme further and ultimately into reality!

If you are a local of Mandurah or otherwise interested, head down to the City’s feedback page and let them know what you think.



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Green Bottle – A Workshop: 5 October

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Office plants

They’re so pretty and really spruce up the office, doncha think?


Er… also, the incriminating empty gin bottle is a erm…. vase. Yeah.

It in no way reflects the lonely, alcohol-fueled late nights we spend architecting. Erm, that is…

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Riken Yamamoto

This guy:


He’s a Japanese architect based in Yokohama, which is just south of Tokyo. I get fanboy squeals of delight when I see his work.

Anyhoo, I recently got my sweaty mitts on a book on his work that also included some interviews with the great man.

There’s an interesting passage in it where he describes the inability of certain parts of planning, infrastructure, and regulations to keep up with the lifestyles of its citizens. As a result, it becomes an almost arbitrary framework that is imposed on people to create a semblance of community. He believes at that point that the good of the collective overshadows the individual, and that opportunities for interaction become singularly determined by this framework.

Makes ya feel a little claustrophobic.

I found it really interesting at any rate, and you can kind of see his theory emerging in his work. Like in his Pangyo Housing (picture taken from his website linked above):

The complex of residential units is connected by 2nd level communal porches. So the interaction within the complex comes not only from the open spaces between each ‘pod’, but also through these large communal porches. Nice stuff. Would love to see how it works up close.

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Equilateral Triangles

Because I love mathematics like I love raw zucchini.

And more likely because I find it easier to compare scale when it’s not enclosed by a monitor, we did a quick study for possible roof perforation patterns.

It’s like the Goldilocks + 3 bears er… + friend of triangles.

Progress to come.

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A Martian Embassy in Australia

‘The concept is to awaken creativity in kids, so the design acts as a trigger, firing up the engines of imagination. It’s an intergalactic journey – from the embassy, at the street entrance, to the shop full of red planet traveller essentials, to the classroom. By the time kids reach the writing classes they have forgotten they are in “school”.’ 

The Martian Embassy designed by LAVA. See http://www.archdaily.com/257046/the-martian-embassy-lava/

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