Alexandre Farto: subtractive wall art

Zen from Design Monkee has sent through this beautiful subtractive street art. Awesome. It woudl be great to see some of this in the laneways of Perth…..

Check out more here at designbloom

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Travel Norway. The Architectural Way.

Check this out….

“In 2005, Norway initiated a massive 15-year agenda to generate more tourism. The government turned to architects and designers to concept and build tourist routes and architectural rest stops to enhance the experience of the stunning Norwegian landscape. The projects span from the southern town of Jaeren to the northern tip of Varenger. Visitors and Norwegian natives alike are afforded the luxury of safe roads and reveling in clean and relaxing architecturally inspired viewpoints. The ongoing project has been aptly named, The National Tourist Routes In Norway, and features an array of architects including Margrete Friis, Peter Zumthor, PUSHAK arkitekter, Code Arkitektur, Manthey Kula, Snøhetta AS, and Jensen and Skodvin to name a few. The architects have worked together to connect the dots throughout the country and form a network of breathtaking valleys, farms, rivers, and mountain cliffs – creating a lattice of scenic masterpieces that would make just about anyone (Nordic or otherwise) want to shimmy into warm genser, bring a matpakke, and take in the sights.”  Courtesy of knstrct.com (awesome)

See some more wonderful images more here

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Just add branding….

Here is what happens when you add a few corporate dollars to 3D building projections….

Adidas France – 3D Mapping Projection from The Cool Hunter on Vimeo.

its going mainstream.

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What’s really green? From green roofs to pre-fabs

This Article points out the increasing complexity in determining exactly how developing “one off” green  housing typolgies actually is. Architects and builders are often conveniently justifying a range of emerging building methodologies as being eco friendly, but are not capturing the holistic processes required to obtain a truly green outcome. The truth is that that significant “green wash” needs to be cut through on all levels to really achieve a quality outcome.

Furthermore, the limitations on the architects ability to create a demonstrated result can be limited by how we currently operate in the marketplace.

I was drawn to prefab not because of green, but because of design. The conventional architect model of business does not work for housing; only the ultra rich can afford great architects, the very rich can afford one of the many hack architects, and everyone else just gets whatever crap the developers want to put on the table. Unlike industrial design, houses don’t get prototyped; every one is a one-off, and many just don’t work very well. As Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Doctors are lucky, they get to bury their mistakes. Architects can only plant vines” Prefab is a way to distribute the work of a talented architect over a larger number of units and give them an opportunity to get it right.

Worth a read…

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More wonderful work by the amazing Theo Jansen….

Have a look around his site too…

Animaris Umerus walking – June ’09 from Strandbeest on Vimeo.

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Seriously Compact Living in Hong Kong

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If fonts were dogs

For all you TypDographers (haw haw).

If fonts were dogs

Via: Fineline Design

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Hats Off

Just thought i’d share something ive been enjoying the past 2 weeks;

the sight of a witches hat atop a stop sign  on Perth’s high end retail strip King Street. It has sat there seemingly unnoticed amongst the the chic shoppers for 2 weeks.

Made me stop and think, who’s job is it to remove traffic cones from street signs?

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In the world of projected animation and augmented reality, some people are still doing it the old school way with some success.  This 3 dimensional model / painting is call “Paradoxymoron” by Patrick Hughes.  See link:
Paradoxymoron on Flickr – Photo Sharing! – StumbleUpon.

Some earlier work…….

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Javier Senosiain

Came across this house today in an email (thanks Pete). Worth a look indeed.

See more here at the Habitat Organico website.

A video of the house can be found here…

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