Green Bottle – Sohan Ariel Hayes

As part of our Green Bottle talk series, Sohan presented his recent exploration into 3D projection and animation, fresh back from an exhibition in Singapore at the Post Museum Gallery…..  http://www.sohanarielhayes.com
Imagining the Sixth Dimensional City; Media Facades/Augmented Reality/Interactive Video Installations.

We currently face a transitional period of restructuring social networks in a globalised world. This is resulting in various experiments with new types of relations and exchange processes, supported by the developing interactive new media tools. In order to maintain the social sustainability of our cities, it is important to connect this new virtual space for development of public sphere and social exchange with the acquisition and reactivation of urban public space.
From a joint statement by Susa Pop, Oliver Schürer, Mirjam Struppek, Gernot Tscherteu
See the following links for examples of exemplary work…….. enjoy!

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