What’s really green? From green roofs to pre-fabs

This Article points out the increasing complexity in determining exactly how developing “one off” green  housing typolgies actually is. Architects and builders are often conveniently justifying a range of emerging building methodologies as being eco friendly, but are not capturing the holistic processes required to obtain a truly green outcome. The truth is that that significant “green wash” needs to be cut through on all levels to really achieve a quality outcome.

Furthermore, the limitations on the architects ability to create a demonstrated result can be limited by how we currently operate in the marketplace.

I was drawn to prefab not because of green, but because of design. The conventional architect model of business does not work for housing; only the ultra rich can afford great architects, the very rich can afford one of the many hack architects, and everyone else just gets whatever crap the developers want to put on the table. Unlike industrial design, houses don’t get prototyped; every one is a one-off, and many just don’t work very well. As Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Doctors are lucky, they get to bury their mistakes. Architects can only plant vines” Prefab is a way to distribute the work of a talented architect over a larger number of units and give them an opportunity to get it right.

Worth a read…

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