Riken Yamamoto

This guy:


He’s a Japanese architect based in Yokohama, which is just south of Tokyo. I get fanboy squeals of delight when I see his work.

Anyhoo, I recently got my sweaty mitts on a book on his work that also included some interviews with the great man.

There’s an interesting passage in it where he describes the inability of certain parts of planning, infrastructure, and regulations to keep up with the lifestyles of its citizens. As a result, it becomes an almost arbitrary framework that is imposed on people to create a semblance of community. He believes at that point that the good of the collective overshadows the individual, and that opportunities for interaction become singularly determined by this framework.

Makes ya feel a little claustrophobic.

I found it really interesting at any rate, and you can kind of see his theory emerging in his work. Like in his Pangyo Housing (picture taken from his website linked above):

The complex of residential units is connected by 2nd level communal porches. So the interaction within the complex comes not only from the open spaces between each ‘pod’, but also through these large communal porches. Nice stuff. Would love to see how it works up close.

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