Extreme Housing Competition

Gresley Abas with Simon Anderson Architect recently completed the Extreme Housing Competion for Sustainable Housing. Located in the city of Cherepovets, Russian Federation, the aim of the competition is to advance the use of steel in sustainable housing through the identification and application of best practices and innovative approaches.

‘….design a building for the site, the brief and budget: avoid the grand gesture, the
imperial, ‘walking cities’, fashion, déjà vu. Build it a bit, but not too much, like an oil rig
on its side.

Use pre-fabricated steel framing, built off site on concrete or steel piles..’

‘…Focus on the site, its horizon, expansiveness, smells, winds, flora, fauna, sky, and

‘Use [one] big form to respond to the landscape.’

‘Make it a large house not a small resort. Kitchen the heart. Make a place to share the

We make homes for shelter and retreat. We bury them where we can for climatic
stability. Where we cannot, we raise the earth over the buildings like a blanket.
We create shared semi-enclosed spaces to mediate the climate and to create
communal places that are protected from the weather.
We vary scale and density for diversity, to achieve accommodation targets, to
create community.
We are a long way from town: for now, we will need cars.
There is a lot to do and make: we propose a system.
A system that can enlarge and shrink as required.
A system that is a flexible supporting framework for sustainable technologies
A system with variations that can be mixed and finely tuned.
A system that is adaptable, modular and infinitely extendable.
[One] big form….1, 10, 100……

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