Green Bottle – Garrett Bray: Building Bridges in Tanzania,Friday 21st March

Gresley Abas invites you to a green bottle talk with Garrett Bray, 2013 WA Young Professional Engineer of the Year from BG&E.

Over the course of 5 weeks in early 2013, a group of engineers and technicians from the BG&E Perth Office travelled to the remote Usambara mountains in Tanzania to complete the construction of four bridge and culvert structures as part of a pro bono engineering project in conjunction with the local communities and MamboSteunPunt, a local not-for-profit enterprise.


The original timber bridges had been significantly damaged by floods in 2011 and were rendered unusable for the purposes of produce trade via trucks and passenger transport via buses. The design required solutions that would resist future flood events and feature improved durability and wearing surfaces while being feasible to construct with hand tools and manual labour.


This presentation will give an overview of how the team became involved in the project; conditions in the local area; the decisions taken to create a design appropriate for the local conditions; how the challenges of construction with basic hand tools in a remote location were overcome; and how the team worked to build the capacity of the local construction team through the project.


A discussion will follow on pro bono within the built environment industry with mention of a new pilot organisation, PIBECH, the Public Interest Built Environment Clearing House, as an organisation to facilitate, record and promote pro bono work in WA.


Location: Gresley Abas Studio | 1/816 Hay Street | Perth CBD

Date: Friday 21st March | 5:00pm for a 5:30pm start

RSVP:  contact@gresleyabas.com.au


For further information see links below:

Short video featuring the project

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