Generating power through human movement…


Recently,  an increasing number of reports are emerging regarding the development of piezoelectric systems to harness the energy created from the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

As reported in New Scientist late last year, Haim Abramovich at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa has developed a method of converting road vibrations into electricity. Abramovich claims that piezoelectric crystals are placed under the bitumen during construction and can ultimately generate up to 400 kilowatts per kilometre of 4 lane highway. Testing begins on a highway in northern Israel this month.

Equally interesting is the contunuing experiments by the East Japan Railway Company in harnessing the power of its millions of daily subway users through the use if piezo electric devices at heavily trafficed areas.


JR East will begin its experiment on December 10 and continue it until February 2009. The power-generating floor will cover an area of 25m squared and will be installed at 7 ticket gates and 7 staircase steps inside the gate.

The company expects the floors to produce 1,400 kW/sec each day. If the piezoelectric experiment is successful, the train station floors will ultimately be used to power ticket gates and electronic display systems.

via cleantechnica.com

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