3d [Re]Facade

Check out this innovative 3D projection system which (basically) projects an abstraction of a reality over the actual reality. Quite a simple and effective method of adding to place creation and or as a canvas for urban artists.

Last year, we at Gresley Abas were exploring similar ideas but with laying down canvases of digital screen for artists to use as a basis for ongoing public projections, including the idea of creating a digital projection box to clad the walkways along Forrest Chase. However, this 3D projection solution may be far more cost effective and more easily maintained.

Based on the video below, perhaps the GPO and Commonwealth Bank buildings could be even more effectively used for adding life to Forrest Place.

Note that some of the capabilities of this system of better demonstrated towards the latter half of the video, so be patient…

I also think this technology could be pushed further into a more interactive realm. Let’ see realtime processing allow virtual models to  interact with pedestrians via motion sensing.   Now that would be an attraction…

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