Kukame McKenzie’s Receptacle project

I came across this very interesting final year student project this morning. The project, by Kukame McKenzie is the installation of a temporary exhibition pavilion adjecent the Perth Town Hall. It will host a photographic exhibition of architectural and urban characteristics of the city. The most interesting aspect to me will be the documentation of the impact of the insertion into this public space.


Check it out. Big thumbs up from me! I look forward to see how it develops.

The Receptacle is a temporary architectural intervention into the urban environment of Perth, Western Australia.

The Receptacle is the name for my Independent Design project for my Higher Award in the Master of Architecture at the University of Western Australia. This website will document the process and development of the project as it happens, from initial ideas to final product. My hope is that you, the reader of this website will take interest and interact with the project, both online and in the real world.

Kukame McKenzie

via The Receptacle

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