Landcorp’s Gen Y Competition Awards

The GA team L-R: Lisa McGann, Greg James, Johannes Lupolo Chan, Miriam Jeffreys, Jenni Star

The winner of Landcorp’s Gen Y housing Competition was announced last Monday night, at a very polished awards soirée held at the Old Swan Brewery, and compared by the incomparable Fenella Kernebone. Congratulations go to David Barr and his team for taking home the Prize. We can’t wait to see his design built!

The Gresley Abas team did not go home empty-handed however, earning the sole Commendation awarded in the competition. Word is the judging was very close, and we’re happy to hear that we provided the judges with a compelling alternative and a difficult decision to make. The Gap House was commended for it’s rationality, affordability, replicability, and it’s highly legible plan. We agree (of course!) so perhaps the Gap House will find another incarnation someday.

Enormous thanks go to Landcorp – particularly Anna Evangelisti who championed and ran the competition.

Check out some images from our submission below. More info from Landcorp here.

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Green Bottle – Michael Phillips: Community-Build India

Gresley Abas invites you to a green bottle talk with Michael Phillips from Curtin University.


Presenting the design and construction process of an education/play space built over 4 days.   The project was part of  an annual International study tour to India  with Curtin University with a focus on developing heritage, educational, sanitation initiatives in the village of Lakhnu, Utter Pradesh, India.  Michael worked in collaboration with Dr Bhanuben Nanavati College Of Architecture For Woman in Pune, India


Michael will be discussing vernacular construction methods, collaborative design methods and Indian design perspectives.


Location: Gresley Abas Studio | 1/816 Hay Street | Perth CBD

Date: Friday 13 September | 5:00pm for a 5:30pm start




Next Green Bottle:

Donald Cooper, Vortexengineer: The Atmospheric Vortex Engine, Friday 23rd May, 5.30pm.


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Green Bottle – Garrett Bray: Building Bridges in Tanzania,Friday 21st March

Gresley Abas invites you to a green bottle talk with Garrett Bray, 2013 WA Young Professional Engineer of the Year from BG&E.

Over the course of 5 weeks in early 2013, a group of engineers and technicians from the BG&E Perth Office travelled to the remote Usambara mountains in Tanzania to complete the construction of four bridge and culvert structures as part of a pro bono engineering project in conjunction with the local communities and MamboSteunPunt, a local not-for-profit enterprise.


The original timber bridges had been significantly damaged by floods in 2011 and were rendered unusable for the purposes of produce trade via trucks and passenger transport via buses. The design required solutions that would resist future flood events and feature improved durability and wearing surfaces while being feasible to construct with hand tools and manual labour.


This presentation will give an overview of how the team became involved in the project; conditions in the local area; the decisions taken to create a design appropriate for the local conditions; how the challenges of construction with basic hand tools in a remote location were overcome; and how the team worked to build the capacity of the local construction team through the project.


A discussion will follow on pro bono within the built environment industry with mention of a new pilot organisation, PIBECH, the Public Interest Built Environment Clearing House, as an organisation to facilitate, record and promote pro bono work in WA.


Location: Gresley Abas Studio | 1/816 Hay Street | Perth CBD

Date: Friday 21st March | 5:00pm for a 5:30pm start

RSVP:  contact@gresleyabas.com.au


For further information see links below:

Short video featuring the project

PIBECH Website



Next Green Bottles:

Michael Phillips, Curtin University: Community-Build India, Friday 4th April, 5.30pm.

Donald Cooper, Vortexengineer: The Atmospheric Vortex Engine, Friday 23rd May, 5.30pm.




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Carly Barrett – WA Emerging Architect Prize, Friday 7th of March

communication + design

WA Emerging Architect prize winner Carly Barrett dicusses the topic of design and communication – “how do we make design both meaningful and desirable for the general public.”   (and will also review the WA Emerging Architect prize submission – “how to communicate the value of what you do”)

RSVP merge@architecture.com.au

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Green Bottle – JLC Study Tour: USA Contemporary Classics

Gresley Abas invites you to a green bottle talk with our own Johannes Lupolo-Chan following his recent tour of USA architecture.

Location              Gresley Abas Studio | 1/816 Hay Street | Perth CBD

Date                      Friday 7th February | 5:00pm for a 5:30pm start

RSVP                     contact@gresleyabas.com.au

For further information on Johannes’ winning competition entry and prize tour click here


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Beaufort Street North – Visioning Workshop

For all those interested in the future of Beaufort Street north of Walcott -  register now and bring your ideas to the table!


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GA + GenY

Landcorp Generation Y Housing Competition

Great news – Gresley Abas’ entry has been shortlisted in Landcorp’s Generation Y Demonstration House Competition!

Stage 1 of the competition called for ideas from young Architects – something GA’s spring chickens are never short on. The problem to solve: access into the housing market for WA’s Generation Y.

Stage 2 requires a concept design for the demonstration house, which will be built at Landcorp’s new Fusion development in White Gum Valley.

Stage 3 will be to document and construct the winning design, so stay tuned!

Kudos to Landcorp for providing this catalyst for innovative, sustainable and adaptable living options for Gen Y, and congratulations to GA’s residential wunderkind Lisa McGann and her rag-tag team of loveable Youngsters!

Best of luck to the 5 other shortlisted teams :)

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Green Bottle – VR Jam, Friday 8th Nov

Gresley Abas invites you to a green bottle talk with Nick Lowe from  Let’s Make Games Inc.

Nick and his team have been working out of the Gresley Abas workshop studio space. They have been part of a global virtual reality game environment initiative. It’s cutting edge stuff, and we’ve been delighted to share our space with Nick and his team to be a part of this global ‘jam session’…read on below for more of what they have been up to, and what they will be sharing at the next Green Bottle!


In August 2013, Perth hosted one of only a handful of official international playtest hubs for the first VR (Virtual Reality) Jam – a long-format, worldwide game jam presented by Oculus and IndieCade. Following a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Oculus Rift VR headset (currently only available as a Developer Kit) has led a new wave of innovative VR technologies. The VR Jam was a huge opportunity for local game developers to create VR content for the Oculus Rift, and for the public to experience the latest VR technology.


Let’s Make Games Inc. was able to organise the event on short notice by putting a call out for support on the spacemarket’s MEET MARKET facebook group, which led to contact with Gresley Abas who provided space for a dozen developers and artists to create VR games during the working week, and for over a hundred members of the public to visit on weekends. After three weeks of development, local teams created a half-dozen VR games and prototypes including: a retro-style sled game, a dungeon escape game, and a horror-themed experience.

In this casual presentation and chat, Nick will introduce the Oculus Rift VR headset, discuss how to develop for the latest VR technologies, and demonstrate some locally created VR games and architectural visualisations. There will be a number of Oculus Rift VR headsets available for demonstration purposes, so everyone should have a chance to experience it for themselves!

For further information on click here for a VR Jam blog post on a previous event and follow vrjamperth on tumblr.

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Palette Project

…a sneak peak of works in progress at Gresley Abas for Open House this Saturday!!

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Open House Perth 2013: Nov 2 Saturday 10am – 5pm

This weekend is Open House Perth and we’re opening our studio arms as one of seventeen design studios across the city taking part.

Destination 14 – Gresley Abas

Gresley Abas’ Ahmad Abas and Ben Price are also involved in the Augmented Reality program in collaboration with Open House Perth, Felix and Flying Saucer and other artists.

Desitnation 23 – Augmented Reality – Wesley Quater

Destination 41 – Augmented Reality – Perth Cultural Centre

See the Open House Perth website for more x

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