Alexandre Farto: subtractive wall art

Zen from Design Monkee has sent through this beautiful subtractive street art. Awesome. It woudl be great to see some of this in the laneways of Perth…..

Check out more here at designbloom

Posted by phil

Whats with the Lego these days?

There seems to be a resurgence in the use of lego in the last year or so, and I am not talking about the little kiddies!

From replicating buildings of architectural significance (here), to “repairing” buildings of ancient times (here and here), to deconstructing tacky porn (here), to getting a lifesize replica of yourself (here)! Is there anything this humble building block cannot do?

If Louis Kahn were still alive would he be saying “…and you say to Lego, ‘What do you want Lego?’ And Lego says to you …” (here).

Posted by Miriam