Gresley Monk Residence

(Latest News – 2012 AIA Residential Alterations and Additions Award winner!)

At last Justine and I are able to show our completed addition. Typically, as two architects its taken us about 10 years…

Justine wrote this great description….

“In the 1950’s the WA Railways Commission undertook the building of homes for workers and their families in the new subdivision of Bedford Park.  Today, the owners of one of these cottages embraced the opportunities of a tight budget, a modest house and a sub-divided block to design an addition that could offer space, light and a sense of generosity to the resident family.  A living, dining and kitchen space, a second bathroom and laundry were conceived as a ‘box’ that would suspend itself from the rear of the existing cottage, sitting above the sloping grade of the block to invite maximum light and space into the home. Good passive solar design was critical to the comfort of the home. Materials were selected for their robustness , warmth  and their ability to balance the expression of solid and void within the ‘box’.”



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Javier Senosiain

Came across this house today in an email (thanks Pete). Worth a look indeed.

See more here at the Habitat Organico website.

A video of the house can be found here…

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The Ramp House, Athens by Archivirus

Recently created by Archivirus Architecture and Design, the Ramp House is a response to the client’s request for a “skatable habitat”.

According to architect Athanasia Psaraki, the Ramp House is a project which tries to reconsider and redefine the living space. The result of the client’s request is a curved form interior, which “set the whole house as well as the inhabitant’s life, into motion”.

via The Architectural Review

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