Travel Norway. The Architectural Way.

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“In 2005, Norway initiated a massive 15-year agenda to generate more tourism. The government turned to architects and designers to concept and build tourist routes and architectural rest stops to enhance the experience of the stunning Norwegian landscape. The projects span from the southern town of Jaeren to the northern tip of Varenger. Visitors and Norwegian natives alike are afforded the luxury of safe roads and reveling in clean and relaxing architecturally inspired viewpoints. The ongoing project has been aptly named, The National Tourist Routes In Norway, and features an array of architects including Margrete Friis, Peter Zumthor, PUSHAK arkitekter, Code Arkitektur, Manthey Kula, Snøhetta AS, and Jensen and Skodvin to name a few. The architects have worked together to connect the dots throughout the country and form a network of breathtaking valleys, farms, rivers, and mountain cliffs – creating a lattice of scenic masterpieces that would make just about anyone (Nordic or otherwise) want to shimmy into warm genser, bring a matpakke, and take in the sights.”  Courtesy of knstrct.com (awesome)

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3D Facade Projection

3D Projection Gives Building Fantastical, Undulating Skin | Gizmodo Australia.

Some more wonderful keystoned facade projection.

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blow up – PS1

This project titled blow-up by BSC architecture was a finalist for the annual PS1 courtyard installation for MoMa in New York. Their design consisting on inflatable structures representing clouds to shade the courtyard.

For information about the wining entry by MOS Architects head on over to archdaily

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Public Lavatory- Shuhei Endo

Some beautiful public toilets in Japan by Shuhei Endo.

Halftecture O / Shuhei Endo

via Halftecture O / Shuhei Endo | Arch Daily.

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Prefab Puma Shipping Container Store

Shipping containers as a quick and effective way of creating spaces.

Refurbished shipping containers aren’t just useful for clever economical housing anymore. Like London subway car architecure and the Greentainer Design Project, this design concept makes public space more flexible and eco-friendly by re-using discarded material that is easily moved. This tri-level, 11,000-square-foot Puma store, known as Puma City, is made of 24 refurbished shipping containers and is fully dis-mountable so it can be packed up and shipped anywhere. Currently traveling around the world, the store was designed by our favorite shipping container architects LOT-EK and completed in September 2008.

via Inhabitat » PREFAB FRIDAY: ‘Puma City’ Shipping Container Store.

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Liz Diller does TED

In this engrossing EG talk, architect Liz Diller shares her firm DS+R’s more unusual work, including the Blur Building, whose walls are made of fog, and the revamped Alice Tully Hall, which is wrapped in glowing wooden skin.

check out their website here…

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