2011 Australian Institute of Architects – Awards Night

Its taken a while, but we have recovered from the party that was the AIA(WA) Awards.

This year had over 140 entries and it was universally agreed that they were all of a high quality.

We all had a great night out together and were very pleased to receive commendations for two of our projects.

Commendation: Scene Apartments (Multi-Residential Category)

See more here

Commendation: Central Park (Urban Design)

See more  here

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Alexandre Farto: subtractive wall art

Zen from Design Monkee has sent through this beautiful subtractive street art. Awesome. It woudl be great to see some of this in the laneways of Perth…..

Check out more here at designbloom

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Open-air Library by KARO

Nice project in Madburg, Germany. A small corner park turned into an outdoor library. The architects have re-used timber and cladding materials from an old warehouse along with repurposed beer crates!

via:Dezeen » Blog Archive » Open-air Library by KARO.

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Take the Stairs

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Redesign Your Farmers’ Market Winners | GOOD

Redesign Your Farmers’ Market, asked for design solutions that would help food grown by local farmers to be more effectively delivered and distributed to urban residents.

check out Redesign Your Farmers’ Market Winners | GOOD.

Here’s one example : Farmlink by Josephine Chan, Blanket Collaborative in San Francisco.


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3D Facade Projection

3D Projection Gives Building Fantastical, Undulating Skin | Gizmodo Australia.

Some more wonderful keystoned facade projection.

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Hong Kong Interactive Isometric Map

Came across this great isometirc model / mapping system of Hong Kong today.


Check it out here

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New Murray Street Mall Seating

We received an email today friom Helen Curtis at the City of Perth showcasing new seating recently installed in the Murray Street Mall here in Perth.

16 seats in total are being implemented. The artist is David Walker and the project was managed by Amanda Mannolini. Well done.

(Images courtesy Helene Curtis)

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Kukame McKenzie’s Receptacle project

I came across this very interesting final year student project this morning. The project, by Kukame McKenzie is the installation of a temporary exhibition pavilion adjecent the Perth Town Hall. It will host a photographic exhibition of architectural and urban characteristics of the city. The most interesting aspect to me will be the documentation of the impact of the insertion into this public space.


Check it out. Big thumbs up from me! I look forward to see how it develops.

The Receptacle is a temporary architectural intervention into the urban environment of Perth, Western Australia.

The Receptacle is the name for my Independent Design project for my Higher Award in the Master of Architecture at the University of Western Australia. This website will document the process and development of the project as it happens, from initial ideas to final product. My hope is that you, the reader of this website will take interest and interact with the project, both online and in the real world.

Kukame McKenzie

via The Receptacle

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Not Parking in Perth

Instead of looking at problems – let’s look at solutions.

Check this out…

That’s what I want to see in the City.

Thanks Treehugger

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